What makes people collect antique engine and tractors? It's a way of connecting themselves to the past. Antiques are something we use to understand and find our place in history, in our own lives and within the greater community of mankind. In this regard, antiques are no longer an end, but a means of providing greater understanding and appreciation of the history our forebears created. The relationship we have with our forebears, who provided for us and built the foundation we use to reach for our dreams and goals, is critical if we wish to become the forebears our children need.

With this in mind, it became increasingly clear to me and to the EDGE & TA Branches that we needed a page to memorialize the subscribers who have passed on to greater things. We need to memorialize their contributions, their insight and their unique perspective that we enjoy.

Bob Learned Bruce Hoggan Rogers Bill Grunwald
Michael Paul Hill Bill Neatherlin Gerrie Barnard
Elmer Goltz Dave Ueland Bud Henry Taunton
Jack Versteeg Bob Janes Paul Skalsky
Al MillerMenno Kliewer Vic Rivers
Bob Messick Harvey Hilands Barney J. Langner
Carl Bergman Richard Earl Chester Walton Kidd
Chauncey Leon Smith "Dale" Boss *and Shirley M. Boss (updated 4-10-12) Clyde L. Schurman 
Jerry MacMartin Howard Hodson Harold "Red Dog" Mansperger 
Blair C. Dollery Larry Hughes Jerry Virtue
Ralph R. Warnock    

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