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Curtis Cook EDGETA Branch 96

Curtis was appointed EDGE&TA Eastern Advisor in April 1997. He remained in this position until October 1997 when he was appointed to the Board of Directors. On January 1998, Curtis was voted in as Acting EDGE&TA President. He held that position until elected as National President in June 1998. It was during this time that Curtis led the Board of Directors and EDGE&TA through difficult and trying times. The EDGE&TA National emerged from this period financially stronger and much more focused on the future. A strong insurance program was in place that all the members could benefit from. 

Curtis remained EDGE&TA President until 2001. At that time, he remained on the Board of Directors as the Northeast Area Director. Again 2003, Curtis was elected President of EDGE&TA until his resignation from the position in December 2003. 

Curtis has remained very active in branch 35 in Chesapeake, serving as president for many years. He was also a factor in forming Branches 104 and 125. 

Curtis enjoys antique steam engines, both stationary and mobile. He currently owns a 1913 Frick 8 1/2 x 10 traction engine. Curtis and the Frick are very active in the summer months and can be seen at shows such as Somerset Pasture Party and Chippokes. Curtis and the Frick also participates in the “Village of Yesteryear” at the Virginia State Fair, where the steamer runs a Frick sawmill and sawing demonstrations are done several times each day during the fair. 

Curtis has had a passion for antique steam all of his life and is always ready to help anyone interested in steam equipment. He has attended the Steam School in Rollag, Minnesota and is a licensed antique engine operator in the state of Minnesota. He is also a licensed 3rd class engineer in NILUPE – the National Institute for Uniformed Licensing of Power Engineers. Curtis has also been instrumental in the formation of 2 steam schools. The Steam School in Somerset, Virginia and Denton, North Carolina both have Curtis to thank for helping them get their programs up and running. Curtis was the lead instructor at the Denton Steam School for the first 2 years of its existence. He is currently an instructor at the Somerset Steam School and has been since it was founded approximately 7 years ago. Each Steam School has been very successful and much of the thanks is due Curtis and his love for old steam equipment and his interest in seeing this equipment preserved and safely operated. 

Curtis has done much to guide EDGE&TA as President and Director. His love for antique steam and the preservation of our past farm steam heritage leads him in his involvement with steam shows and steam schools. He loves to talk steam, and is always willing to teach anyone interested from teenagers to senior citizens. He has been and still an ambassador for EDGE&TA and the preservation of our past farm heritage.

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