The EDGE&TA Hall of Fame was established in 1998 in the interest of honoring those who have made significant contributions to the collection, preservation, and exhibition of antique tractors, engines, and equipment.

Every EDGE&TA member is eligible for this award. Posthumous submissions will be accepted with past EDGE&TA membership.

Each year the inductees to the Hall of Fame will receive their award in the form of a plaque with their name on it. The announcement of the year’s inductees will be made at the National business meeting unless other arrangements are made. This award will be presented to them at the National or Regional Show of their choice. A stand-in can accept the award if the inductee is unable to attend. Their name will then be put on the large Hall of Fame plaque that EDGE&TA keeps along with the previous years inductees. Their names along with their applications will then be put on our web site for all to view.

The Hall of Fame chairman will chose three anonymous judges that have no affiliation with the nominees. The nominee must receive two votes from the judges to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. In an effort to have all applications judged equally, the following application guideline must be followed.

Dorene Yearian
Chairman – EDGE&TA Hall of Fame


The following members were inducted into the NGAS Hall of Fame prior to 1999 and are now honorary members of EDGE&TA Hall of Fame.  Click on name to read a quick profile.

All correspondence should be directed to the President, any questions should be sent to the Regional Director and all insurance questions to be sent to the Director handling insurance.

All membership dues and lists are to be sent to the Secretary/Treasurer. Click on the Administration Page to find contact information for the officers.

All EDGE&TA Membership Correspondence Should be Directed To:
Carrie Jo Parmley
EDGE&TA Secretary
[email protected]
15246 Seven League Road,
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