PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Coronavirus, all events and meetings mentioned in our newsletter or this website are subject to rescheduling and/or cancellation. Please check with the hosting branch for the latest status of any posted event(s). We appreciate your understanding in this ongoing situation.

Mandatory Safety Requirements For All EDGETA Events

  1. EDGE&TA Branch Safety Officers, EDGE&TA Safety Officers, and EDGE&TA Insurance Adviser are authorized to shut down anyone for unsafe operation.
  2. Anyone exhibiting or participating at any EDGE&TA event MUST be a member of an EDGE&TA branch.
  3. No set of requirements, regulations or cautions can prevent a disaster. We must, however, take these safety requirements seriously. Our individual awareness and adherence to both required and desired requirements will greatly increase the safety of our exhibitors and the public who attend our events.
  4. No Alcohol to be Served or Consumed at Any EDGE&TA Event.

Show Ground in General

Stationary Engines & Equipment Displays


Lawn & Garden Tractors


Youth Driver Certification Program

Barrel Trains

Kiddie Tractor Pull

Accident Review Requirements