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Harvey Hilands Donald Oregon


As chairperson for the Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association Hall of Fame I am proud to announce Mr. Harvey Hilands from Oregon for Hall Of Fame 2001. Harvey was selected from an extensive list of nominees and selected for his contributions to our hobby.

Jerry Mac Martin

     Harvey is what we call a Jack of all Trades. There isn’t anything he would not do for you or help you with.

     Harvey has been a very strong and active member for EDGE&TA. In addition to working and helping for the good of Antique Powerland Museum where we put on our show every year.

     He has been EDGE&TA member of Branch 15 and a Charter member since 1971. Yet he was really involved in many things before the club was formed.

Harvey held many positions as an officers: 1971 – 1973 he was Vice President for two years when the club formed as EDGE&TA. 1973 – 1978 he was the Editor of Branch 15 newsletter, “Gas Engine Backfire”. In 1973 he came up with a column to answer some of those question, wives dare not ask their husbands and fellows won’t ask their friends. Our new columnist, “Miss Fire”, answered many questions members were afraid to ask about this crazy hobby of ours. As an Editor for five years we were all learning something from Harvey.

     When Branch 15 had the EDGE&TA National here in 1995 Harvey donated $1000 to help the club with expense. One of the things were able to do was get a kiddies pedal tractor pull going for the youngsters. Harvey’s donation helped buy the child size tractor and sled.

     Also each year from September to May on the last Saturday of the month, he has Branch 15 Saturday classes (coffee & donuts) with helpful hints how too restore, replace parts, and compete restoration on engines and tractors. Their projects included: a paint job, ignition systems; spark plugs and igniters; pouring babbitt; welding; methods of repairing pistons rings and bore; buzz coils; mags and timing; mag charger; valves, seals, and guides; and building fuel tanks. There is all ways a full house!

     For the EDGE&TA National, Harvey was Sec/Treasure in 1976. He was elected Sec/Treasure for ten years until 1986. He had a perfect attendance record, missing only one National meeting. in 1983 because he was recuperating from surgery.

     Back in 1977 Harvey, along with help from several others, traveled to Grinned, Iowa and retrieved the Nationals bank account and records. Until that time, National had been operating for years without any funds.

     The National Association had bogged down to almost no activity, with no National officers showing up at the 1976 National Meeting Hosted by Branch 15. Many Branches had dropped out due to dissatisfaction with the National’s lack of response to requests from the Branches. New officers were promptly elected and the ball got rolling again. Louis Chapo, President and Harvey Hilands, Sec/Treasure began an immediate drive to get the National back on its feet. I dare say the National as a whole would not have survived had it not been for Harvey’s intense, professional and caring attention.

     Harvey’s contributions to preservation is how Antique Powerland Museum has grown so quickly. His donations of time and money have made several projects manageable. Harvey, being a plumber, donated hours of work building our first indoor restroom and showers.

     Other items and equipment which were purchased for us to use are very important: two forklifts, a road grader, a ditch witch, a backhoe, and three golf cart style work vehicles to zip around the grounds with. The latest most recent donation for the club and Antique Powerland was paying for a beautiful 150’ X 40’ building for our big, big engines. Due to his generosity, this will allow us to display and run engines all year long.

     Harvey is not a person that looks for a thank you. Harvey is one of our best supporters and you will always find him working to better our Club. Harvey has a great collection of light plants but is so busy helping others that he seldom has a chance to play with them. Thank heavens what most of us think is hard work, is what Harvey thinks is play. He enjoys watching others having fun with their hobbies and helping them to restore and preserve parts of the past.  We would not have accomplished so much if it hadn’t been for Harveys outstanding donations and being involved with Branch 15, the National, and Antique Powerland Museum.

Note: Harvey passed away September 1, 2001. To read more Click Here!

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