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Robert Rhode EDGETA Branch 207


No one has contributed as much historical information and more specifically steam traction engine information to the public, nationally and internationally as Dr Robert T. Rhode has.  He has helped identify numerous brands of steam traction engines over the decades.  He has published articles in several steam magazines, such as the Iron-Men Album and Engineers and Engines.

He has published the award-nominated book The Harvest Story: Recollections of Old-Time Threshermen, which was published by the Purdue University Press, and the award-winning book Classic American Steamrollers 1871-1935 Photo Archive which he co-authored with Judge Raymond L. Drake and which was published by Inconografix.  This book won the Silver Jubilee Certificate presented by the Road Roller Association based in England.  He has published the Steam Tractor Encyclopedia: Glory Days of the Invention That Changed Farming Forever, which was co-authored with John F Spalding and was published by Motorbooks International (first printing sold out in 17 months.  His articles and books are referenced in publications in Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic and England.  He has helped with museum displays at the Smithsonian and at a technological museum in the Czech Republic,  He has also helped review the EDGETA safety regulations for steam powered equipment at public events.

Roberts principal goal in studying, writing, and speaking about the agricultural history and literature of the US is to familiarize the metropolitan American with such values that include lending a helping hand for as long as it takes to get the job done, finding joy in shared work outdoors, celebrating the harvest, and commemorating others’ contributions to the good of all.

He owns a 65 hp 1923 Case Engine and has been showing it since 1994.  Besides a membership in EDGETA, he is a member of the J I Case Collectors’ Association and the J I Case Heritage Foundation.

Dr Robert Rhodes is an asset to this hobby in regards to steam.

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