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Wayne Simpson Branch 28 - Mountain Grove, MO

Wayne Simpson has been a very active member since when he joined in 1997.  He attends most all the meetings and always has a great display at all of our shows.  He displays and operates his very old drag saw and other antique equipment.

At our two shows he dresses up as a clown.  He calls himself Efferham Hobbs and entertains the crowd, and club members.  He has also been known to get on a lawn tractor and pull with the kids at our shows kiddie lawn tractor pull.

He is a regular member of the weekly Tuesday Crew helping in the repair and restoration of donated items.  He donated a c.1925 Bartholow gas powered drag saw which he is in the process of restoring.  It is one of only three produced by Bartholow, a local blacksmith, and the only one known to exist.

He has frequently helped working on the construction of our buildings and improvements.

At his farm he built a log cabin and filled it with vintage items as it would have been long ago. Every year he invites the membership to join him at the cabin for a great lunch.  It is a great event and well attended.