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Paul Skalsky EDGETA Branch 35

Branch 35 regrets the loss of Paul Skalsky, 66, who passed away suddenly on the 15th of January, after spending the day working at Chippokes Farm and Forrestry Museum, one of the things he loved most. He was a farmer and retired Bridgestone Tire Company employee, a Korean War Army veteran, husband of Yvonne Skalsky, and father of Bruce Skalsky. Bruce shared many of his interests and was usually found helping him with the equipment. Paul played a large part in preserving the past, running the peanut picker for shows, working on the Antique Farm Equipment Committee for the museum, doing the hard work of maintenance and restoration, always taking a leading role and doing more than his share. Paul had been associated with the Museum for some 20 years. Someone else may do the work Paul always did, but no one will ever take his place. He will be greatly missed by his family and all those who knew him.

Paul Skalsky