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National Insurance Policy Accident Review Requirements

1. The accident investigation committee shall consist of the branch safety officer (chairman) assisted by the branch president and vice president.

2. Should any of the 3 accident investigation committee members be involved in the accident under investigation, they will be replaced by the senior director(s) in the branch.

3. If an accident occurs, first call 911.

4. The accident must be reported to the Insurance agent & EDGE&TA within 24 hours or if on a weekend the next business day.

5. The accident investigation committee shall investigate the accident and their written report of this investigation shall be forwarded to the Insurance agent within 72 hours of the investigation. Notification of an accident must also be reported to the National Safety Committee.

6. The accident investigation should include the following:
• Were EDGE&TA safety guidelines followed? If yes, which ones? If no, which ones?
• Photographs of the accident from several angles.
• Statements of those involved in the accident as well as eyewitnesses to the accident
• Day, date, time and location of accident
• Copies of any other supporting information such as police reports. A police report is a must, if possible, on any claim. If a bodily injury, it is mandatory. The local police, Sheriff or State Police, could make this report. • A Fire department report, if one was filled out.
• A Rescue Squad report or ambulance report, if one was filled out.

7. The National Safety committee will review all reports. This committee will be made up of the National Safety Officer and two EDGE&TA board members. The National Safety Committee must review and make recommendations with 30 days of the event. The National Safety Committee will work with the Insurance Agent in the evaluation of this event and in making their recommendations.

• You should print off copies of the Notice of Insurance Occurrence/Claim Form.
• Branch Officers should have copies of this form available at a Branch sponsored show.

Revised: April 20th 2015