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National Insurance Policy People Mover Requirements

There is no additional charge for people movers, they are covered in the base premium. However, the following is required and must be completed before our insurance will cover a people mover.

1. Maximum people movers attached to the pulling vehicle, one (1).

2. People mover must have safety chains installed at entrance &/or exit to prevent passengers from falling out (photo required).

3. People mover must have acceptable seats, no standing. (photo required)

4. People mover must have steps for entrance and exiting. (photo required)

5. A conductor must occupy people mover and he/she must be a member of EDGE & TA.

6. Driver of pulling vehicle must be an experienced tractor driver and have a permanent license driver, minimum age twenty-one (21) and be a member of EDGE & TA.

7. Driver and Conductor must have a reliable means to communicate between each other.  This can be walkie talkies, air horns, wired door bells, etc.  This is necessary to alert the driver to stop, ok to go, etc.

8. Pulling vehicle may only be farm tractor with adequate brakes and be physically large enough to stop the people mover fully loaded. No ATV’s, Garden Tractors, Mules, Horses or Ox.

9. Draw bar on pulling vehicle must be long enough to provide adequate turning radius so the tongue of people mover will not ride up on rear tires of pulling vehicle. A safety chain is required and must be short so that in the event that the people mover becomes unhitched from the tractor, the people mover will not roll into the tractor tires. (Photo required).

10. A complete photo of people mover and pulling vehicle must be included with request.

Please submit thirty days prior the event, agree to all of the conditions and include all photos requested.