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Johnny Burger Branch 37 - Gentry, AR

Johnny Burger Br 37
  1. From joining in 2003 to the present has taken the lead in establishing Tired Iron on its own land.
  2. In his first year of membership in Tired Iron, he did so much to help build
  3. Has used his tractor hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hours in digging ditches for electric, septic, and water service to the buildings and to a 32 space RV park.
  4. Worked tirelessly in obtaining trusses and other materials for a clubhouse, bathrooms, and for sheds and exhibition facilities.
  5. Johnny did so much for Tired Iron in the first year of his membership he was honored with life-time membership to Tired Iron.
  6. Created, maintained and funded the Tried Iron website
  7. Has contributed generously to funding for many Tired Iron projects.
  8. Johnny served several years as the South Central Region of EDGE&TA representative.
  9. A large number of Tired Iron members attest to the fact that Johnny deserves to be inducted to the EDGE&TA Hall of Fame.

  10. He keeps contributing.  At present he is preparing directional road signs to be placed at strategic points along the roads that lead to Tired Iron.  He is helping his wife in the organization and running of the Tired Iron museum-like home antiques building, which presents many items of early home-life on the farms of earlier generations. 

  11. His personal collection includes many antique tractors and engines, many of them restored by Johnny.

  12. He has represented Tired Iron at numerous venues including tractor and engine shows, festivals, craft shows, parades, etc.  He has probably done more to acquaint the four-state area than anyone else with Tired Iron and its mission.

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