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Larry Morrison Branch 37 - Siloam Springs, AR

Larry Morrison Br 37
  1. From joining Tired Iron in 1997, Larry has taken a lead role in Tired Iron
  2. Member of land committee to locate a permanent home for the club. Found land that was purchased.
  3. Served as president of Tired Iron.
  4. Served on the Tired Iron board of directors.
  5. Helped obtain and utilize materials to build a clubhouse, bathrooms, and several sheds for storage and exhibition.
  6. Has conducted a silent auction to raise funds for Tired Iron projects.
  7. Has served as Tired Iron Newsletter editor since 2006 and has included many club member biographies and several articles about members’ tractors and engines.

Brief summary of why this person should be chosen. Why you are honoring this person.

  1. Larry maintained total involvement in Tired Iron.
  2. Few members have been as active as Larry and have been so well regarded.

Brief summary of significant contribution to the collection, preservation and exhibition of Antique equipment (tractors, engines, implements, etc.)

  1. Began collecting tractors, especially rare garden tractors, at the time he joined the club. 2. Has participated in numerous exhibitions of his tractors at Tired Iron shows and at tractor and engine shows, town festivals, parades of all types, etc.

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