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“Pat” Morrison EDGETA Branch 37 - Tired Iron of the Ozarks

Pat Morrison Branch 37

Patricia PatMorrison joined Tired Iron of the Ozarks in 2001. She has been an active member ever since. At the time she joined, the club was engaged in a search for land to purchase as a permanent base for club shows, but, in the meantime, shows were held on borrowed property, which included the grounds of a local airport and a wildlife safari. A couple of shows were held in a large circus tent. This was not much to encourage involvement of the wives of club members, but Pat participated every step of the way

A big activity for many club members was and continues to be to attend club shows and community activities throughout a fourstate area to acquaint people with Tired Iron and the marvel of vintage tractors and engines. For example, our clubs exhibitions of flywheel engines are known throughout the region. Pats valuable contribution was to attend her and her husbands exhibits at these scores of venues. She can and does tell folks the backgrounds of the fourwheel 1946 Gibson, a riding, (and rare) 1947 Perrin, and much more. She even exhibited basket weaving for a time. Many people have enjoyed the information and look at their unusual tractors and craftwork

When Tired Iron purchased land for the club in 2003, active members now had a great responsibility to build and maintain facilities for club activities. Bathrooms were built in 2004 and a clubhouse in 2005. With the note that Larry and Pat live only 4 miles from the club land, she, especially when her husband served as president of Tired Iron for three years, spent time almost every day at the club. Clubhouse upkeep became very important. She, along with a few others, have seen to the sweeping and arranging of the building for all occasions

Since the club grounds are at least five miles from food services, it was very important that our club kitchen, which had been added to the clubhouse by some determined members, be used to provide food for the visitors to the shows. For a few years Pat was in charge of all the food concession. She bought all drinks and food for the occasions. The kitchen served doubly for Tired Iron in that profits were added to the general fund of the club and helped provide backing for many projects

Another important part of club activity she takes a lead role in when needed is the preparation of three potluck dinners every year for the club membership. Perhaps, more importantly, she brings homemade cookies and other goodies and provides coffee and soft drinks for people attending the meetings

Pat currently serves as treasurer of Tired Iron. As a part of her job, she collects dues and maintains the club roster. Every club needs members such as she, and this fact serves as the basis for our club membersnomination of Pat to the EDGE&TA Hall of Fame.

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